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What Google’s Sunset of Commission Bid Strategies Means for Your Hotel Ads Campaigns

Google recently announced that support for commission-based bid strategies in Google Hotel Ads would be deprecated, and the bid strategy types would be going away in October 2024

Historically, Google Hotel Ads campaign types have had access to a few different bid strategies. Commission-based bid strategies are unique to hotel ads campaigns, and they allow hotels to set their bid optimization to be billed based on either pay-per-stay or pay-per-conversion. 


What does this mean for your Google Hotel Ads campaigns?

For hotels that want to run hotel ads campaigns, the ecosystem requires they use a 3rd party connection to access their rates and inventory feed via Google’s Hotel Center. This hotel center feed is then connected via third-party platforms or directly from a hotel’s CRS provider. 

As long as your hotel ads and metasearch provider isn’t relying upon one of these bid strategies, then no change is needed. 

At Metadesk, we rely on advanced bid algorithms and machine learning technologies coupled with ongoing optimization and targeting methods. Although our most popular billing model happens to be a pay-per-stay model, we don’t utilize Google’s pay-per-stay or pay-per-conversion bid strategy type. So, no change is needed to keep the current visibility and success you’re currently experiencing with our metasearch management services.

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